1.  Trim your trees.  Prior to monsoon season, we thin out our mature trees. Taking this step helps prevent the large trees from having a major branch break off, or even worse, the tree falling on your home.  
  2. Prepare your roof for heavy wind and rain.  If there is an existing roof leak, be sure to get that repaired prior to monsoon season (which can start as early as June).  Gusts of wind can blow off roof tiles and heavy rain could penetrate and work it’s way into the home. If you need your roof inspected, here is who we recommend.
  3. Clean out your rain gutters.  Leaves and dirt collect in the gutters.  In order for the gutters to drain the rain water properly, it’s important to remove the dirt and debris from the gutters.    
  4. Secure your patio and backyard furniture, especially the umbrellas!  Secure anything and everything that can blow away. This includes rafts in the pool, cushions on your furniture, and any towels.  Most importantly, close up the umbrellas after each use.  One strong gust of wind and it can take off flying into your neighbor’s yard, or a window.  One year we forgot to do this when we left for vacation and we can home to an umbrella that flew out of the glass table it was secured in (the glass shattered) and landed in the pool.  The other umbrella came out of the sleeve inside the pool and landed inches from our dining room window.  We learned our lesson that year!  
  5. Park your cars in the garage.  This will keep any trees or branches from falling onto your car.  Or keep any pool umbrellas from hitting the car.  😉
  6. Be prepared for heavy rain in a short period of time.  Does your yard have the proper drainage?  It’s important the water not be rising up to the doors.  It’s also important for water to be able to drain away from the home.  Standing water along the home can, over time, affect the structure of the home. It may also attract termites.
  7. Be prepared to possibly lose power.  It’s rare this happens but it is good to be prepared.  We have the flashlight app on ours phones.  It’s a simple app you can download.  Have working batteries and flashlights as well.  We love to have scented candles in the home and I know where those are along with the lighter.  Keep bottled water and basic supplies available.
  8. Maintain your pool.  Ahead of the monsoon season, we have the pool filters cleaned.  We remove any items from the pool like rafts, umbrellas, and toys, immediately after each use.  There will be dirt and debris that land in the pool.  It’s best to address these immediately after the storm.  It’s also a good idea to check the chemicals as a storm can throw off the chemical balance of a pool. 
  9. Bring yourself and your pets inside.  Keep all your living creatures safe by bringing them inside during the heavy winds and blowing dust.  Of course, when there is lightning as well.

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